Hinge cutter DC 01

Hinge cutter DC 01 is unique device integrated to the SULAK‘s drillers.

The cut-outs have been done on the driller. There is no need to put the glass on the table.  Therefore, you save the place and time.

The device is equipped with 2 cutting blades which cut at the same time. The operational time for cut out of rectangular shape shortens on half.

The blades are easily turned to the vertical or horizontal cutting direction by one hand short motion.

The positions are locked by revolving mechanism.

This equipment makes the cuts in a narrow tolerance of the parallelism and the perpendicularity.

Hinge cutter DC 01 fits for cutting a wide range  of  hinges.

+ saves the place and time

+ sharp rectangular cutouts

+  No need to put the glass on the table

+  Fast modification of cutting direction

Accessories can be added to models:

Technical data

300x300x150 mm
1x 230 V3-10 mm
1/8 – 1 2/5 „
12 kg
26 lbs
76 dB(A)100 mm
60-68 mm
2 1/3 – 2 2/3″
60-84 mm
2 1/3 – 3 5/16″
5-55 mm
3/16 – 2 3/16″
5-61 mm
3/16 – 2 3/8″


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