• Max Thickness /mm/
  • Max sheet size L x H
  • External dimensions LxWxH /m/
  • Machine input /kW/
  • Cutting speed
  • Working height for sheet
  • Central unit
  • Input stand 3,3m
  • Output stand 2m
  • Laser pointer

RP 210 210

  • 20
  • 2150×7000
  • 5400x1100x3000
  • 0,4 kW
  • 2,6 m/min
  • 370 mm

RP 210 F 210 F

  • 25
  • 2150x7000
  • 5570×1100×3000
  • 0,4 kW
  • 0-4 m/min
  • 370 mm


  • Easy sheets loading
  • Zinc dipped
  • Easy blade replacement
  • Operation and maintenance low cost


SULAK presents the mutli wall cutter. All our cutters are hot diped zinc. The main advantages are
low operating costs like maintenance or operator training. The machine control is easy and
handling with big formats can do one operator.
All time sharp blade ready to cut is used on the all the models of multi-wall polycarbonate cutter.
After a long time if the blade get worn then the replace is quick. All the cuts are clean and perfect
straight because of used blade and laser pointer which are scope of standard delivery.
SULAK offers the cutting stepless speed control like an options..

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