• Max Thickness /mm/
  • Grain output /mm/
  • Glass width /m/
  • External dimensions LxWxH /m/
  • Crushining output /kg/h/
  • Power consumption /kW/
  • Noise level dB (A)
  • Tube for bottle insertion
  • Dust extraction outlet
  • Spare hog knives
  • Sound protection insulation on the machine top cover

DTS 45

  • 20
  • 0,1 – 20
  • 0,42
  • 0,65×0,8×1,44
  • 400
  • 3
  • 76


  • Big crushing power
  • Simple glass handling
  • Easy operation
  • Crushes also wire glass
  • Compact, affordable price, space-saving

Crushers for glass

Please get familiar with crushing machine of traditional brand SULAK. The wire glass or
laminated glass will be crashed there into the powder without doubt. Because of output about
400kg per hour and easy handling the machine is ideal and reliable machine for disposing of the
glass waste.
The consumption is 3kW only. The crushing drum is double wall loaded with insulation to reduce
the noise. The size of crushed element fluctuates between 0,1-20mm.
The hopper for the bottles and flange for hoover connection are in the scope of standard delivery
Crushing machine is very compact equipment which save your shop floor space.

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