Laminated Glass Saw

PTS 325 PORTA Laminated Glass Saw

PTS 325

The saw is used for the sheet glass cutting up to 50 mm of thickness. It is possible to cut normal glass, laminated glass and various types of fire resistant glass and of bullet resisting glass. The sheet of the cut glass, diverted in 5° from the vertical position is put on rollers which makes handling and adjustment easy. The cutting unit moves vertically from the top to the bottom and its travel speed can be regulated by the frequency inverter. Using a simple mechanism, it is possible to make the change-over from the square cut the fixed angle of 45 °. The cooling of the cutting disc performs the closed cooling circuit with a tank, water pump, nozzles and the collecting system. The saw consists of three parts (the central unit and two side stands), which makes the transportation, manipulation and assembly easier when putting the machine into operation.

  • Zinc dipped
  • Power consumption only 3,3 kW
  • Dimension acc. to your need
  • Simple prolongation, just buy another side stand
  • 2-years warranty

Technical data

3×400 V
(3×230 V)
50/60 Hz
3,3 kW
6-60 mm
3/8“- 2 3/8“
1110 kg
2450 lbs
78 dB0,1 – 1,6 m/min3250 mm
350, 400
13 3/4″
15 1/2″


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