Horizontal Edgers

BBT 02N Shape Edging Machine

bbt 02 n

The edging machine is designed for edging and polishing of flat or round peripheral edges of sheet glass, mirrors, etc. Processing is performed using the diamond water-cooled grinding wheels and polishing wheels. The edging machine can treat the glass sheets thicknesses from 3 to 12 mm. The edges can be processed in “C” profile, trapezoidal or flat according to the shape of the diamond wheel.

  • The machine operation is very simple and it requires a minimal experience.
  • Power consumption only 1,6 kW
  • Mobile
  • 2-year warranty

Compatible accessories:

Technical data

1500 (2500)x1000 (1250)x1200
59“ (98″)x39“ (49″)x47“
3×400 V
(3×230 V)
50/60 Hz
1,6 kW
1/8“- 1/2“
230 kg
507 lbs
6“x 6″
76 dB1X


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